A Summer Program With Choices and Individual Custom Experiences

Create Your Own Adventure!

Each day, campers choose three or four activities from our  30 offerings. A few times each week, we have an optional “bonus period” during which campers can choose to hang out in the cabin or attend a favorite activity. At Thunderbird the options are limitless!

Choice & Structure

We believe that camp is a great place to learn independence and decision-making, so we put kids in charge of their own daily schedule. Counselors provide guidance and encouragement so campers get the most out of the camp experience, but campers have much of the say in what their summer looks like. This balance of structure and choice makes Thunderbird unique. Skills and interests developed at Thunderbird often last a lifetime.


While the opportunities to try new activities are endless, campers also pick four activities to specialize in while they’re at camp. We call these activities “projects” and campers practice these skills a few times a week. This provides an opportunity to work toward long-term goals and feel a real sense of accomplishment at the end of the session or season.

Are you ready to choose your adventure?