A Boys Overnight Camp Experience That Changes As You Do

Whether you start camp as one of the youngest campers or begin your journey when you’re older, you can grow at Thunderbird.

While you might not know anyone when you get off the bus on the first day, friendships form fast at camp. Living with your cabin mates means you get to know one another quickly and develop close bonds. And those beginning friendships grow as you return to camp year after year. Often campers find themselves heading off on camp’s extended wilderness trips many years later with those best friends that they met that first year, or even the first day, of camp.

If you’re an athlete you will have plenty of opportunities to practice and play while at camp. We play sports daily and frequently compete with other camps while always emphasizing good sportsmanship and teamwork. Whether we’re in a match, fine-tuning our skills or scrimmaging, playing hard and working together as a team is winning.

The waterfront is full of endless possibilities. While most campers come to us with some swimming experience many find the waterfront to be an exciting place to try new activities and develop skills you never thought you’d have. You might choose to learn how to water ski, to sail a boat or canoe across the lake. You will most definitely grow on Lake Plantagenet.

Whether you’re an experienced camper or a beginner, Thunderbird is the place to find your next adventure. We start with the basics of camping so you’ll be ready for the first trip. Before departing, you’ll learn the skills you need to be safe and comfortable while you’re away, things like how to set up a tent, cook a meal, and roast a marshmallow over a campfire. If you’re interested in bigger experiences, you can backpack, bike, canoe, fish, rock climb, or sail on three to nine day long trips. When you become a seasoned camper, at age 14 to 16, you can choose to travel on multi-week adventure programs throughout the United States and Canada. Our wilderness program has something for everyone.

Are you ready to choose your adventure?