Find Out What A Day At Camp Thunderbird for Boys Looks Like

What does a day look like?

This is a hard question to answer since you might start out your first year in pottery and soccer and find yourself on a mountaintop in the Pacific Northwest by the end of your time at Thunderbird. While there is no such thing as a “typical” day at Thunderbird, here’s what a sample day looks like:

8:00amWake Up
Wake up to the morning bell, music and cabin conversation.
Get your day started right with a yummy hot meal, cereal or oatmeal.
9-10amCabin Clean-up
Your cabinmates and counselors work together to get the job done!
10:00amFirst Activity Period
Choose from one of the 30 activities!
11:05amSecond Activity Period
You can attend activities on your own or with a friend from your cabin or another one.
Chow down, share stories from the morning and get excited to sign up for tomorrow’s activities because you can change your activities each day!
1:30pmCabin Time or Bonus Activity Period
Depending on the day, there’s time to chill out or time for a bonus activity!
3:00pmThird Activity Period
You work on one of your “Project Activities.” You’re making progress toward your goal.
4:05pmFourth Activity Period
Last but not least! Every activity period is fun.
5:00pmFree Time
Time to hang out, play box hockey, take a shower or relax.
Dinner features camper favorites like tacos, mac ‘n cheese or hamburgers.
7:00pmFree Time
More free time to relax and explore. The waterfront, sports, arts & crafts or other camp favorites are often open after dinner.
7:45pmEvening Program
Evening Program brings each village together for fun and games. A few nights a week the entire camp experiences an all-camp evening activity!
Fall into bed exhausted from a very full and very fun day. Tomorrow new adventures await!

And then there’s the days that are even less typical. Throughout the summer you will experience exciting events that make camp extra special.


Each week, campers and staff look forward to an all-camp, high-energy theme day called Specialty Day. The theme, activities and meals for the entire day are planned by campers. A few of our favorite themes from the past are Wild West, Pirates, Circus, Knights of the Round Table and the annual Fourth of July Celebration.


Each week on Adventure Day, you venture out of camp and visit nearby attractions like the headwaters of the Mississippi River, a turn of the century logging camp, or one of Minnesota’s many beautiful beaches.


Twice a week in place of an activity period, each cabin group participates in a Tribal. You and your cabin mates get to choose your tribal activity. There are endless opportunities for fun and adventure! Some favorites are making homemade ice cream, tubing behind the ski boat, or having fun on the waterfront.


Every night, after dinner, the day’s excitement continues with an Evening Program. Each week we have a campfire with s’mores. On other nights we play dodgeball or capture the flag, participate in relay races with varying twists or have a friendly lip sync competition. Sometimes, we even dress staff up as our favorite superhero and have a show. Evening programs are always different and guaranteed to end in laughter, high fives and wonderful memories.

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Are you ready to choose your adventure?