June 23, 2019
The Gang’s All Here-The First Week of Camp!

The “gang’s all here” and we are wrapping up our first week of sunshine and smiles. When we arrive for the start of eight days of staff training, it always feels the camper arrival is months away. Learning throughout training is the dress rehearsal for all the hustle and bustle that occurs in the first few days of camp. They were armed with huge bags of tricks for managing homesickness, celebrating successes and acknowledging the trials of learning new skills.


As we round out our first week, we have enjoyed some of our favorite camper meals of mac and cheese, corn dogs, pizza and Mexican food.  Paired up with our favorite desserts of chocolate chip cookies, ice cream cones, brownies and snack store, we all feel like our bellies are full. We would be remised if we didn’t mention our Sunday morning specialty buffet breakfast (in our pajamas) full of fresh fruit, banana bread, yummy pastries and more.

The waterfronts are full of cheers as campers complete their safety waivers and start to enjoy the sunny weather as they partake in sailing, paddle boarding, canoeing, skiing and swimming.  


Land sport activities are abundant as campers hone old skills and practice new ones. The sound of soccer balls being kicked, archery targets receiving arrows and rifle targets getting holes from shots being perfected are such wonderful sounds to hear. At girls camp, cheerleading and gymnastics are in full swing and tryouts for our first session play, Wizard of Oz are being conducted as I write. Boys camp already had their first specialty day and loved being super heros.


Our 14-15 year old campers are about to embark on their adventure programs to the Pacific Northwest and Western States and Canada and they are looking forward to backpacking in the mountains of Washington, Wyoming, Canada, canoeing in Canada and also experience rafting on some incredible Western rivers.  News from our Counselor in Training trip out on the East Coast is that they are having so much fun and loving the sites of Maine, Vermont and look forward to canoeing and kayaking.


As we close our first week of camp, we are so happy to be in the throes of camp and looking forward to future events. A huge final shout out to our staff, they are doing a fantastic job at building relationships with your children and helping them to learn new and refresh old skills.


We are excited to announce our first posting of pictures to Waldo Photo is ready for viewing.


If you have paid the Waldo fee, you should be able to view the pictures of your children and the rest of the album.  


If you have not chosen to pay for the service, you will be able to view all the photos to search for your child or browse to see the happenings around camp.


We will be sending out an email to address questions you may have about the pictures being posted. Please review it before contacting camp.  Included below are the links to Waldo and how to sign up.


Direct Signup Link: http://bit.ly/TBIRD19


How parents enroll:

  • Text the join code by itself to the short phone number 735-343
  • Click this link to go straight to signup.


How to access the free Gallery: