September 26, 2020
2021 Updates and Newsletters

Welcome to the launch of Camp Thunderbird’s 2021 season! We’re looking forward to putting a remarkably tough 2020 behind us and beginning the thoughtful journey back to normality. The social, emotional, and financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was beyond most of our darkest imaginings. But, as we stumble through this storm, we continue to affirm our steadfast belief that our most precious gift is our family, friends, and the community that supports us. Missing out on a season at Thunderbird only deepens our commitment to providing these developmental and life changing experiences to our camper and staff. There is no possible way we could have managed without your unbelievable support: patience with the timing of refunds, rolling-over tuition, direct contributions, and endless supportive notes and pictures. Thank you.

The anticipation of the 2021 season is almost unbearable. We’re looking forward to celebrating 75 years at the Boys Camp with a spectacular 75th reunion…yes 75 years! Thank you Speedy, Honey, Moe, and Carol. We’re getting registration rolling with a “T-Bird Swag” box. If you complete the registration process by September 30th, your camper will receive the limited edition Thunderbird items. Parents, we are also offering you a gift. To make budgeting a little easier, we’re waiving credit card/PayPal fees for any and all balances paid by September 9th. In this issue of our Fall Newsletter Volume 1  we’re introducing the TC2 and T-bird Expeditions and in Volume 2 we introduce the SWAG BOX images and share other exciting changes to the Thunderbird. And, you will also learn about our revamped our 7th grade program, offering new challenges in and out of camp. These new experiences will allow the Progressions and Adventure Program campers the opportunity to participate in the program they were registered for in 2020.

To suggest we know definitively how COVID-19 will impact the world in 2021 would be vain. However, we have great confidence that the time we have and the effort we promise to make will allow us to be prepared for what comes. We look forward to the 2021 summer and reconnecting on the shores of lake Plantagenet for the perfect Thunderbird experience.