2023 Dates and Fees


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Camp Thunderbird (2nd-9th Grade)

Session One (June 18 – July 14)
Session Two (July 15 – August 10)
Full Season (June 18 – August 10)
$12, 500
$12, 965

Tbird Expeditions (9th-11th Grade)

Session One & Session Two
    Adventure Quest
    Junior Leader
    Counselor in Training
Full Season
$13, 125
$13, 613
     Adventure Quest (AQ)
    Canadian Canoe (CC)**
    Pacific Northwest (PNW)**
    Junior Leader (JL)**
    Counselor in Training (CIT)**
**Must qualify

Family Camp (August 12 - August 16 with a minimum stay of three nights )

$160 per day + tax
$166 per day + tax
Children 8+
$130 per day + tax
$135 per day + tax
Children 4-7
$60 per day + tax
$62 per day + tax
Children 3 & under
(For your convenience, at no fee, housing is available after 6:00 on August 11th-does not apply to 3 night stay. Program starts at 9:00 am on 8/12 and concludes at 9:00am on 8/16)

Additional Information

Camp Tuition Includes:

Room, board, in-camp activities (excluding horseback), and laundry.

Pass Through Fees

Horseback, outfitter and permit fees, out of camp experiences related to non-T-bird Expedition programming, medical expenses. Camp store for single session is $125 and full season is $175.


Minneapolis $150.00 round trip bus fee.

Sibling Discount

When two or more siblings attend, we discount tuition for each child by $200 for a full season camper and $100 for a single session campers.

Parent Visits

Single Session Parents – If you would like to visit camp, plan to visit the day before the camp session ends (10:00am-3:00pm for some portion of this time).

Full Season Parents – We prefer you visit on Saturday, July 9th (10:00am-4:45pm) and Sunday, July 10th (8:30am-10:00am). Or, visit the last full day of the session as indicated for Single Session Parents. If you are unable to visit this weekend, please contact us, and we will help you identify an alternate time. Progression Camper Parent visiting on alternate dates may not work due to coordinated trip schedules.

Tbird Expedition Parents – (AQ, Canadian Canoe, CIT, JL and PNW) please contact a Director if you are interested in visiting.

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