‘Thunderbird Thoughts’ Video Contest

WHEN: Wed Oct 29 – Wed Nov 5

WHO: You’re eligible if you’ve ever:

  • Attended Tbird (that’s you, campers!)
  • Worked at Tbird
  • Sent your child to Tbird

WHAT should I include in my video?

  • Please state your first name only and which years (approximate) you were at Tbird
  • Answer at least one of the following:
          • ‘I love Thunderbird because…’
          • What did you experience at Thunderbird that still sticks with you today?
  • Videos may include any number of people and may be as serious or silly as you want!

WHERE: Online

Video Length: 3 min max

Prizes: We will view your video, then post it on our Vimeo channel for everyone to see. Each applicant will be entered in a drawing for great Thunderbird gear! Some videos will be chosen for placement in Tbird’s promotional videos.

                                HOW TO ENTER:                                

  1. Send your video to cbear@camptbird.com. * For large files, we recommend sending your video via wetransfer.com.


If you have an existing Vimeo account:

  1. After logging into your account, Upload your video.
  2. Title your video with your first and last name (nickname optional).  Next, click “Privacy” and under “Who can watch this video?” choose “Only people with a password.” Create the password of your choice. This will automatically be shown to us. Click “Save Changes” then click “Return to Video.”
  3. Hover over the top right corner of your video and click on the paper airplane to “Share.” In the “Email” box, type “cbear@camptbird.com,” then click “Send.”


QUESTIONS? Contact C-Bear at (314) 647-3168 or cbear@camptbird.com