The Ranchero Village Brings Magic To Thunderbird

11742646_10153457375465833_5190250151480681307_nOn Wednesday, the Ranchero Village brought Girls Camp a little bit of magic with an absolutely amazing Harry Potter specialty day. We all had so much fun dressing up like our favorite witches and wizards and spending the day casting spells, flying on broomsticks, and, like all magical creatures do, dancing and singing at the top of our lungs during meals.IMG_2479

The Rancheros woke each cabin in the morning by handing them their letter of acceptance to the TBird School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Camp was sorted into the four Hogwarts houses, and we planned to spend the day competing for the hallowed House Cup, earning points through various activities. To our shock and dismay, however, as we ate our breakfast at long, communal tables in the Lodge-turned-Great Hall, it was revealed that our beloved Michael had been kidnapped and taken to the Chamber of Secrets! IMG_2829

Clues were left throughout camp to help the campers find Michael. The girls spent the morning gathering six separate pieces of a flashlight, and once it was put together, they were able to use that flashlight to enter the cellar and find the clue to Michael’s whereabouts. Thankfully, the campers cracked the code and Michael was rescued from the deep, dark Chamber of Secrets.

IMG_2456In the afternoon, the campers went from station to magical station, doing exciting things like making wands and transforming two of our staff members, Salt and Farva, into wizards by giving them the longest possible shaving cream beards. We played giants, wizards, and elves (a form of extreme rock paper scissors), had a giant relay race, and we also cooled off with some swimming and a slip ‘n slide.

After a rousing game of Quidditch after dinner, the Ravenclaw House was declared the winner of the House Cup, which is now proudly displayed above the fireplace in the Lodge. The Rancheros did such an amazing job planning and running Harry Potter day. We are so proud of their leadership and hard work that made this day such a success!