All About Our Girls Camp Special Programs–A Chat With Slightly

10660304_10152327210125108_5254006430777171337_n1. What exactly do you do as special programs director?

What a question. I always like to say I’m in charge of the “weird things” at camp. Anything out of the ordinary! I plan all camp evening programs, brother/sister dinners, picture days, athletic matches against other camps, council fires, services, editing newspapers and special dinners, among other things. People have referred to me as the “glitter of camp” more then once; the sparkle, messy, and one that adds a touch of different to the project that is Thunderbird.

2. What is your favorite part about the job?

I just love watching the kids have a good time. Sometimes there are these wildly strange games that just pop into my head, and I just go with it. Watching the kids turn those visions to reality and laugh while doing it makes my day. I also love shopping for the supplies I need and seeing the reaction of the cashier. For example, last week I bought 20 sponges, gummy worms, 16 cans of shaving cream and A LOT of stocking socks. What could I be doing with all that????

 3. How did you get your nickname?11392840_10206847281886341_3711416636988776284_n

Slightly is the name of my favorite lost boy in Peter Pan! I love Peter Pan.

 4. What are some of your favorite activities you have run so far this summer?

Scholarship Auction was one of my favorites. The energy in the room is crazy while paddles are flying up and people are screaming and bidding higher and higher for their favorite prizes. It’s awesome. I also quite enjoyed Extreme Animal Soccer, where we played a very large game of soccer with 5 balls, and I got to randomly call different animals that they had to play soccer like (ex: worm, cow, elephant, T-rex, Kangaroo, ect). Also a big shout out to Zumba night…hilarious.

We also played a great rainy day activity game called all camp Go Get It, where in different groups the campers got a category like “Weirdest Hair Style,” and the group would have two minutes to come up with the weirdest hair style, then show it off. Some of the other categories were “Best Underwater Dance”, “Best Celebrity Encounter Story”, “Weirdest Talent”, and “Best Poem About Cheese.”

Here are some of the cheese poems:

“Please may I have some cheese.

Chedda is betta,

Forget the feta.

If you mix chedda and feta it’ll get betta.

I don’t know fella, when I have mozzarella.”


“Cheese is gouda

Cheese is grate!

I like cheese on my macaroni.

Not that velveeta phony.

Some are funky,

others; chunky.





Can I have some?

That’s nacho cheese.”


“Mac and cheese love.

My brie, you are sweet and bitter like my heart.

My cheddar, you are strong and steady. I can always count on you to get me through.

My goat cheese, how stinky you are. But how I love you, in my mac and cheese.”

11036758_10153133769809915_2876067651325957299_o5. What is your favorite part about camp? 

Watching the girls come on their first day and leave on their last is unexplainable. I know it happened to me my first year, but you just grow into exactly who you are. I see it in them every day. Girls at camp are given the opportunity to totally be themselves without judgement, have no shame in anything they do, and truly get to have a great time and realize being yourself is the best way to have true friends. They learn to be independent and strong. They learn that they can do anything if they find the confidence and courage. And most importantly, they learn to love themselves. Being a part of teaching them that in services, council fire, and independent conversations and actions is so so so rewarding.

10527365_10152220508070108_8325474726745128711_n7. If you could live in a house of cheese, what type of cheese would it be and why? 

I’d be homeless! I’m allergic to cheese! I guess I could do goat cheese. Mmmmmm, so delicious on pizza.

8. If you could have any superpower what would it be? 

Flying. I’d get everywhere so fast and I could see the bald eagles really well that way. I guess it’d be pretty cool to move things with my mind too.

9. What will you miss most about camp when summer ends? 

The people for sure. There’s nothing better then spending quality time with people without cell phones and TV’s distracting them. How many times at home do we take the time to make a fire, throw a Frisbee, or play dodgeball? Coming here is like going back to the past and remembering how to have fun. I will definitely miss this, but luckily camp will always be here for anyone who needs it!hi